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H2aaS – Hydrogen as a ServiceTM

The worlds first truly economic model for supplying hydrogen as fuel to commercial hydrogen fleets.


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Hydrogen Internal
Combustion Engines


The most optimistic forecasts for electric vehicle production show 30% of new car sales being electric by 2040. With more than 70% of the emissions problem left unaddressed, various technologies outside of electric and fuel cell vehicles are needed.

With over 1 Billion Internal Combustion Engines on the road today, and more than 100 million more produced annually, our solution is the First ever Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Long Haul Truck. While electric and fuel cell technologies can be applied to light duty vehicles in the near future, hydrogen combustion can be used to immediately begin the switchover of heavy duty vehicles.

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Hydrogen as a Fuel


In exchange for a multi-term hydrogen fuel contract, our customers acquire a future-proof fleet with the dual-fuel advantage enabling them to reduce operating costs, hedge against fuel price volatility, and slash emissions for cleaner air.

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