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A few compelling reasons to partner with us.

Zero cost, zero risk

We’ll cover the entire cost of upgrading your fleet, you only pay for the hydrogen fuel used. Our multi-term fixed price contract gives you pricing certainty and ensures you’re always saving more than you spend.

Easy upgrade, full flexibility

Our proven dual-fuel system enables any internal combustion engine vehicle to run on either hydrogen or diesel/gasoline, switchable at the touch of a button. This gives your operators the freedom to use the fuel they need, for the performance they want.

Environmentally proactive

By slashing, if not entirely eliminating your use of conventional fuels, you will green your fleet and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Optimized fuel efficiency, greater range capability

Engines optimized for hydrogen fuel can achieve better fuel efficiency than conventional gasoline engines, allowing you and your drivers to confidently go that extra mile.

More reliable starts, in all conditions

Unlike alternatives, hydrogen combustion engines require no warm-up and have no cold-start issues- even in the harshest sub-zero temperatures.

Hydra Energy, better than fuel cells

Our hydrogen internal combustion engine technology upgrade brings you many of the key advantages of fuel cells - increased efficiency, and only clean water vapor as exhaust. But without any of their technological drawbacks and at a fraction of their cost.

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